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Tower Defense is a game of strategy. Choose from 3 different weapons - Turret, Missile-Launcher, & Laser-Beamer, all of which will destroy your opponents. In every level, there are a set amount of lives and money, and you must select a specific array of turrets to kill all your opponents before they reach the end (red box).  Try and complete all 3 levels. Good luck and may your brain be with you!! (seriously, or else you'll never win this game)

Note: If you want to zoom in and out, press the esc key and use the mouse scrollwheel. Use WASD to move around the place!

Install instructions

Upzip the zip file. The file marked application is the game. Double click on it and start playing!


Tower_Defense.zip 22 MB


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Did you literally just copy Brackey's tutorial? :D

Yeah. I just started Unity so the tutorial has pushed me in the right direction. I'll hopefully create original games later on!

I see what you're talking about. 🙂 I want to develop my own games as well and I can, but I have no idea for design or characters...

Oh really! I understand, even I don’t know how to use blender. Hey, why don’t you try the unity asset store?

Fortunately I know a few things about Blender.

I want to make my own original assets for my games. If I use the asset store, it won't be unique.

Oh, okay. Well good luck!!